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How to Get Locked Keys Out of Car

If you've ever been in an instance where you've locked out of car how to get in your keys inside your car, there are a few things you can do to help get them out. These solutions won't always solve the problem immediately however they will at least help you get back on the road , and save an expensive call to an emergency roadside assistance or locksmith professional.


It can be a hassle to lose your keys in the car. There are a number of DIY methods that you can apply to get your keys out of your car.

One of the most common ways to unlock a car is to use a shoelace. While this is a straightforward and effective method, it's not suitable for every car lock. A string strong enough to fit between the car's door and the frame will be needed.

First, take a shoelace from one of your shoes. Make a slip-knot in the middle of the shoelace, about five inches from the edge. Then you should wrap the shoelace around your window and door frame, keeping it at the middle. Then, pull the shoelace back into the car and pull it upwards toward the door's locking mechanism.

Attach a loop of about the length of your index finger to the string. Then, you can use the back and forth motion to insert it into the upper right corner. This technique is ideal for locks that pop-up. These locks can be found near the door.

Another option is to use a wire coat hanger. Untwist it and mold it into a hook which you can then maneuver around the lock. Once you have it secured to the lock, you are able to pull it up to unlock your door.

This method is easier than most other options however, it may not always work , and it could harm your car's paint. It's an easy and quick method of getting keys to your car out of locked doors if you don't have money to call for professional help.

If you're not sure how to use this method, watch the video below for directions on how to use it. This isn't for those who aren't confident If you've got a lot of patience and are willing to work at it, you'll likely finish the task.

Coat Hanger

If you're trapped in your car and want to get out without calling a locksmith there's an easy method that you can employ. All you require is a coat hanger and some pliers.

You should be able , if you want to, unlock the door by sliding your coat hanger between the window and weather stripping. This will leave a gap so that you can pull the control arm up inside your car's door.

This is where the most important thing is to ensure that your coat hanger hook is formed in a V shape so that it grips the lock handle. Also, be careful not to bend it too much or you could damage the car's lock mechanism.

After you bend the hook of your coat hanger into a "V" You will be able to slide it through the weather stripping and the window. This will result in an area of about 3 centimeters at the intersection of the window and the car door.

Once you have the hanger between the weather stripping & the window, you can begin looking for the control arm. It's not always easy however, you should be able to find the arm after you've set it up correctly.

If you're unable find the control arm do not give up! You can still push the button on the end of your coat hanger. It's possible to persevere and remain patient.

Another thing you could do is to run your hanger through the window crack. It might take a few times before it gets the hanger to work however, eventually it will.

You can use coat hangers to unlock your car, however there are numerous other uses for. For instance some women have tried to abort unborn babies using coat hangers.

This has even been proven to be a very efficient method of obtaining an abortion in some countries. However, it's important to be aware of the dangers when you try to end your child's life using an iron for hanging coats.

Pump Wedge

A Pump Wedge is a must-have tool you should keep in your car for various reasons. One reason is that it can assist to unlock keys locked out of your vehicle. Another is that it can be used to create an opening between the door and the frame to allow you to use access tools or rods that can disengage the lock.

First, find something small enough to fit between the door frame and the wedge. This could be a plastic wedge, but it's preferable to have the wedge made from wood or metal.

Once you've located a suitable wedge, you'll need to make an opening in the door that will be enough that a probe tool can reach. There are a range of probe tools on the market, but the type you'll need will depend on the model and make of your vehicle.

If your car is fitted with weather stripping with multiple layers, you must be cautious when wedging the wedge near the glass. Pressure too high can cause the lower layer of weather stripping to move under your wedge, tightening the space between the wedge and the glass.

To avoid this you should be cautiously shift the wedge's bottom to ensure it doesn't roll under the weather stripping. It is important to leave enough space between the wedge and the door.

Don't push too hard or Locked Out Of Car How To Get In you could harm your wedge or even than that, the door! This happens frequently, and it's best to be as safe as possible.

The rule of thumb is to allow at least two inches of space between the top corner and the bottom edge of the frame of the door. The greater the distance between the wedge and the frame, the easier it is to maneuver your tool without damaging the door or its trim.

If you're not sure whether you can use a wedge to remove keys locked in your car, ask a professional. They can give you an accurate estimation of the size and strength of the gap between the wedge and the door frame, and the tools that can be inserted into it.


A screwdriver can be a great option to unlock your car. It might seem like a bizarre way to do so, but many people have successfully used this tool to unlock keys that are locked out automotive locksmiths out of their vehicles.

This method is only compatible with pop-up locks. Therefore, you must take all the necessary precautions when trying it out. Don't push the mechanism of the lock too hard , and avoid putting the screwdriver too deeply into the door.

The first step is to put your screwdriver into the keyhole (make sure that it's a flat head). Once it's in position, turn it clockwise until you hear a click.

You can add a little more sandpaper to the screwdriver for better grip. You can substitute sandpaper using a bobby pin, paperclip or any other similar materials if you don't have enough sandpaper.

Next, you'll need a rake to scrub the pins of the lock. To do this, place the rake over the screwdriver and scrub it in the direction where the pins are. This will scrub the lock and open it open.

It's a bit of work, but you'll get the ability to master it in no time. Once you've mastered the technique , you can apply it to other locks.

You don't have to employ a screwdriver in case you aren't comfortable using one. A rod of steel can be used to unlock the keys of your car. A thin, long rod is required. However, you can use any type of pole-type instrument you have.

Once you've put in the rod of steel, you can pull the handle and push the unlock button to unlock the door. This is an easy and easy method to retrieve your keys out of the car. However, it could cause damage to the door's exterior.

To remotely unlock your car's keys, you can also connect your mobile device to the key on your car's ignition. There are apps for Android and iOS available that can transform your phone into the second key, based on the model and the maker. These apps are useful in the event that you've lost your keys or aren't able to find them.


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